All About us

Our company, is offering a website to help small to medium sized brick and mortar retailers to create an online commerce presence with their own commerce enabled mini website with a set of simple stock management, communication and coupon creation tools as well as exposure in our virtual market place.

What makes us special?

The ease of use and accessibility for small businesses in setting up a stall and gaining exposure online.

How do we make this possible?

20 minutes to set up stall
5 minutes to add each product
Businesses have the direct relationship with their customers
Businesses decide how much of each product they are able to sell and where they are able to deliver to.

How are we changing the status quo?

We are taking free the green monster international allowing small retailers access to global markets. Consumers are empowered to support small business any where in the world having a significant effect on how the global economy works.

Who are we?

Three young proudly South African entrepreneurs, two based in Cape Town and one in the US. We have built on a shoe string budget and a great idea and feel that our product can rival many of the largest market place platforms in the world.

We are fresh, new, affordable and loaded with functionality. Get on board and help us shake things up!